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Get Moving: Fitness gear for every budget

You know all about the physical benefits of exercise. What you may not be as familiar with is physical activity’s positive effect on everything from reducing anxiety and depression to improving your mood and self esteem. 

Self care is vital to your recovery from an abusive relationship. And exercise is one of the best self care choices you can make. So, here are a few of our favorite ways to move your body — besides running and walking — and reap those benefits. Spoiler alert: none of them involve joining a gym.

Favorite Free Options

  • Fitness Blender: This husband and wife team share hundreds of free video workouts for every fitness level. 
  • Sweaty Betty: This athleisure brand offers full-length  at-home workout videos for strength, yoga and dance on its website. 
  • Diana Mirgon This 49-year-old mom offers fabulous fitness options on Instagram — and many of them require zero equipment. Diana is a survivor of sexual assault. You can read her inspiring personal story here and here.

Affordable Apps

Note: both of these apps offer a 30-day free trial—check it out. 

  • Tone It Up: This is one of Erin’s favorites. The app offers live workouts and 10- to 40-minute workout videos. Choose from barre, kettlebell, yoga, kickboxing and more. ($99.99/year or $14.99/month)
  • Peloton Digital Membership: You don’t have to own a pricey Peloton bike to use this amazing app. Choose from thousands of pre-recorded or live classes: bootcamp, stretching, running, yoga, cycling and more. ($12.99/month)

Space Savers

  • TRX Go Suspension Training: This bodyweight workout provides head-to-toe strength training. Use it inside or outdoors. You can even travel with it. ($129.85)
  • Gorilla Bow: Part ancient weapon, Part resistance training and completely stowable, this set comes with multiple bands so you can adjust the workout as you get stronger. ($199.75) 
  • The Mirror: It may look like a dystopian surveillance device, but you can’t beat The Mirror’s elegant design and tiny footprint. That said, its high price tag menas it qualifies for our final category (Sizable Splurges), too. ($1495 or $42/month)

Sizable Splurges

  • Pro-Form PFTL60916 Treadmill: The clever Wirecutter team at the New York Times named this the best home treadmill of 2020. ($699)
  • Peloton: Is it a spin cycle or is it a cult? You decide. Choose from dozens of instructors and hundreds of live and recorded classes. ($1895 or $49/month for the bike; see above for app fees)
  • Concept 2 Rower Rowing provides an intense, efficient, full-body workout and doesn’t require the high ceilings a treadmill does. ($1598.79)


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